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This is a work in progress! And as God enables us, we will continue to expand this website and provide more information about who we are and why we do what we do.

Although, my wife and I had good government jobs with our own home we arrived at a point where we believed that God wanted us to move away from home, out of our city and out of our country. We were excited. We were cautious. We put it in prayer. Our older son had been unwell for a few years and we were much concerned about his health. After much prayer and consultations with many saints including the late Bro DGS Dhinakaran (Jesus Calls ministry) we took a step of faith in 1997 and applied for immigration to NZ.

Based on my educational qualifications we were issued permanent residence family visa on a priority basis. At that very same time, we took our son to a Jesus Calls healing meeting in another state. We had medical tests done. There was no trace of sickness. He was completely healed! It was a miracle!

We knew that God had cleared the way for us to move. And so, with my wife and two sons, who were 11 & 7 years old then, I arrived here in Christchurch.

And, we continue on this journey of faith that started in Hyderabad, India, many years ago, marvelling at God’s enduring faithfulness.